Our Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Norman Sczepanski

Nancy Bouchard

David Tiberii

Connie Favreau
James Gondek
John Kalinowski
Edward F. Manzi, Jr.

John Olson
Anne Peepas
Albert Rose

Vera Tice
Matthew Williams

Leadership Team

Holly Chaffee, MSN, BSN, RN
President & Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Sabacinski
Chief Financial Officer

Ricardo Muchiutti
Compliance & Quality Officer

Ellen Sparrow
Director of Adult Day Health

Melissa Cantara
Chief People Officer

Jim Ellsworth
Chief Information Officer / System Administrator

Shannon Preston
Billing & Authorizations Supervisor

Kristin Mattson
Chief  Development & Clinical Care Transition Officer

Amy Jo
Chief Clinical & Strategy Officer

Sharon Bonneau
Executive Assistant

Kelly Loescher
Clinical IS & Hospice Officer 

Gardner Branch- Hospice:

Claudia Marsh
Hospice Manager

Webster Branch- Hospice:

Holly Rosinha-Nichols
Hospice Manager 

Lisa Waller
Director of Home Care

Gardner Branch- Home Care:

Pam Saulnier
Clinical Manager 

Kristen Boucher
Clinical Manager

Jennifer Scampini
Clinical Manager

Kelly Fitzpatrick
Staff Educator

Webster Branch- Home Care:

Laura Boulet
Intake Manager

Eric Hackenson
Clinical Manager

Tracy Goodrich
Supervisor of Private Duty Services & HHA Department

Karen Culkeen
Healthy Families Coordinator

Healthy Families North Worcester County:

Laura Beauregard
Healthy Families Supervisor

Danielle Rice
Healthy Families Supervisor