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GVNA HealthCare held its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, March 26 at Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg, MA.  According to Elaine Fluet, President & CEO, the meeting is a time to celebrate the agency’s accomplishments in 2018, as well as an opportunity to acknowledge and thank employees, Board members and volunteers for their unwavering dedication to GVNA and our mission.

“In 2018, Homecare and Hospice provided 70,104 nursing visits to patients and our rehabilitation therapists made 26,361 visits,” said Fluet.  “GVNA continues to lead the industry in patient satisfaction scoring, achieving a 5-Star rating from the Centers for Medical & Medicaid Services” she said.  “Even though GVNA is constantly adjusting to changes in regulations, reimbursement and new models of care, we will always strive to exceed our patients’ expectations”, she added. “As a result of these adjustments, we are strategically positioned to continue to provide exceptional care to the communities we serve,” said Fluet.

“In 2018 we embarked on the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that will improve our clinical, operational and financial success,” said Fluet.  “But, most importantly, it was an opportunity to restore a better work-life balance for our Homecare and Hospice clinicians,” she said, adding “The goal of the new system is to require less data entry, therefore allowing more time with patients and the ability to complete documentation in the home.” “The new system provides interface capabilities with our vendors and healthcare partners to improve efficiencies and assure seamless integration on the continuum of care” Fluet said.

GVNA HealthCare Board of Directors for 2018 included Jeffrey Aubuchon, Christof Chartier, John Flick, Michael Gerry, Brian Jette, Edward Manzi, Nancy Monette, Deb Orre, Enrico Palmerino, Tina Santos, Ken Tomasetti and Albert Rose.   Officers were Ken Tomasetti, Chair; Jeffrey Aubuchon, Vice Chair; Michael Gerry, Treasurer and Tina Santos, Secretary.

Officers in 2019 will be Ken Tomasetti, Chair; Jeffrey Aubuchon, Vice Chair; Michael Gerry, Treasurer and Tina Santos, Secretary.   The Board welcomed new member Nafie Saba-Shapazian.

“We are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated group of Directors who are committed to the mission and values of our agency,” said Fluet.  “We have accomplished so much throughout the year and this would not have been possible without these community members who volunteer their time and expertise on our Board of Directors,” she added.

Several GVNA HealthCare employees were recognized at the Annual Meeting for their years of service to the agency.  Employees recognized for five years of service include Kelly Sharp, Jackie O’Sullivan, Lisa Morin, Tina O’Neil, Julie Clark, Jamie Munson, Laura Beauregard, Scott Nicholson, Rebecca Kibett, Stacy Smith, Sarah Brennan, Sarka Savoy, Rhonda Bundy and Jessie Gaudette. Deb Stiles, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Doris Mackowiak and Kimberly Pratt were recognized for ten years. Celebrating twenty years was Dale DelleChiaie.

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